Weekly Catch Up - Week 9

Happy Sunday you guys! Once again I'm so happy you joined in this summer, and I hope you enjoyed the prompts, as well as the art journal process! I hope your journal is filled to the brim in lots of colors and summer thoughts, and keep going if you haven't caught up yet! You can do it!

And once last time, you can add your blog post if you talked about In The Sun at all this last week, or anytime now, I guess!

Is In The Sun coming back next year? Sadly, I think I might retire it this year and work on other possible projects and classes. But with almost 100 prompts to work with (combining this years and last years! holy cow!) I'm sure there is plenty to go around! So thank you again for being so kind and following along! I'll always be blogging at Awkward & Beautiful, so if you want to keep up with me there, that's where I'll be!

Have a lovely Summer!


Prompt - What Comes Next?

So I think this will be my last prompt for the class, I know, this is only the 42nd prompt when I promised 45. Now that the new job has started up and I'm working all weekend, I won't have time to pump out three last prompts, so I hope you'll forgive me!

With this last prompt, I leave you a question: What Comes Next?

What Comes Next?
materials: acrylic paint, large brush pen, .05 sharpie pen, magazine image, washi tape

List out the things that you're expecting next season, or the rest of the year, or next week! Whatever. But just answer the question. What's next? How exciting to think of the possible things that will happen. And then work on it to make it true!

See you back on Sunday to do our last weekly catch up!


Prompt - Sum it up

It's August, and Summer is almost at a close for some people. School will start back up in few weeks, as well as college. I'll be starting my new job at Starbucks in Downtown Dallas (wish me luck, it's my first day at this store), so my lazy days are over as well. So to sum it all up, how was your Summer?

Sum it up
Materials: acrylic paint, magazine image, .04 ballpoint pen


Prompt - Accomplishments

Did you set any goals this summer? What have you accomplished this season?

Materials: Craft paint, magazine image, .03 ballpoint pen

With this I made another criss-cross patterned background and made it bright and bold with yellow and pale pink. And for the journaling I painted in a mint green box and decorated the border. I love it, so colorful! :)


Prompt - Dog Days of Summer

In this prompt, it's all about typography.

When you're reading a magazine, there's always a great cover photo with some snazzy typography that leads into an article. Your article is about the dog days of Summer, so what is your photo, and what will your title look like?

Get your editorial skills in motion!

Dog Days
Dog Days
Materials: Washi tape, acrylic paint, .04 ballpoint pen, magazine image


Weekly Catch Up - Week 8

I can't believe we only have one week left! I'm starting to get a little sentimental you guys... I hope you've enjoyed this class as much as I have! 

You guys know the rules, share your blogs if you blogged about your journal pages!

Is there anything you'd like to see during this last week? Maybe a class video chat, or just a little get together to talk to each other before we're done? Do share!


Music Video Inspiration - GROUPLOVE - "Colours"

Today's prompt will be inspired by this music video - Colours by GroupLove

The whole video has a hot, sticky summer feel to it, with tribal and cowboy visual influences and has the attitude of rebellion: the vibe of summer. What kind of art journal page can you make out of this?

Here's mine:

Materials: Magazine images, acrylic paint, brush tip pen

For the background, just grab lots of colors, and use a huge brush to dab on splotches of paint (inspired by GROUPLOVE's album cover). Be random and don't be afraid to get them mixed up as well. Then I used a girl from a Free People magazine with an Indian headdress (LOVE it).

So how about you guys? :) Have fun!